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 There are various kinds of infant baby cribs accessible on the market today. This variety makes choosing the ones that are best for your child quite a challenge for parents. You should determine what you really want in a room and how you want your child to sleep before making a decision.

You should select a cot that your child will use until they are prepared to transfer to their own room, or you can buy several rooms as the child develops. Whatever place you choose, the convenience he/she requires should be provided to your kid.

Things to consider before buying a baby cot bed

  1. Do you want it stationary or on wheels?
  2. Do you want a mini or full-sized cot bed?
  3. If you are short on budget, then a low profile crib might be the right solution
  4. How long you intend to use the crib?
  5. Should it grow with your child?
  6. Do you want a foldable cot bed?
  7. Do you need a cot bed while travelling too?

Cot beds for babies are available in different shapes and sizes and are made up of wood and plastic as well. All you need to do is to find the perfect one for your child and let him enjoy his little space.

Let's discuss some cot beds and their types.

Convertible cot beds

Convertible cots are also referred to as lifelong cots as you can change the length of the cot's mattress. Moreover, it eventually becomes a baby bed for elderly babies, and can ultimately be used as a daybed. Convertible children's cots tend to be more expensive than other cots. They will, however, adapt until adulthood to your child's age spectrum, making them an incredible asset. 

Round cot beds

Round cot beds are a new fashion perfect for a space-limited room for your babies. This is because it provides the kid with an extra playroom they can use as they grow up. A round crib design is unique and has a contemporary and classic look, full of canopies and banners.

For instance, round mattress, round bumpers, and crib bedding will be needed when you spend in round bedding. These supplies of bedding tend to be more costly than regular linen and bedding for cribs.

Canopy cot beds

Due to the canopy placed on top of them, these kinds of cribs are referred to as canopy beds. Canopy cots are conventional because they are convenient and provide the kid with a beautiful and cosy setting. The canopy also provides this crib with a distinctive look that will immediately make you fall in love with the layout. When your child is about four months old, make sure you remove the canopy because he/she can readily hold on to it and fall down.

The sleigh crib

The crib in the sleigh style is becoming increasingly common and is intended to look like a sleigh. Sleigh crèches have a unique layout to increase your nursery's curb attraction. Most sleigh cots are made with strong footboards and headboards rather than the usual slats. These durable wood parts, therefore, are what makes these cots more expensive than regular ones. These are perfectly good at keeping your baby toys in so your child isn't crying at night from lost toys.

Drop-side cribs

For many years, drop-side crèches have been quite conventional. This is because of the fall hand that makes getting the children in and out of the crib simple for families. Most parents discover it to be quite comfortable and friendly on their backs to lower portion of the side. The drop-side cradle may not be secure for children, however, because it can lead to injury or even death if the kid drops off the cot.

Cot beds with changing table

These combo cot beds are the best option if you are looking for additional functions for your baby cot. This changing table provides the crib with other features and creates more room for your child to play in. Nappy changing table to place your baby changing mats, shelf storage, or dressers are most commonly used in combination crib furniture. 

Oval shaped cot beds

A distinctively shaped crib is an oval or round crib. It takes a bunch of space because it is supposed to be in the centre of the room. Since an oval crib is a beautiful and contemporary item of furniture because of its distinctive appearance, this sort of crib is preferred by more and more parents.

Baby cot bed patterns and styles are distinctive to fit every parent's requirements and wishes. Take time to explore the various models accessible on the web. This will assist you in making an educated decision. Regardless of which baby cot bed you ultimately purchase, safety should always be your top concern.