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 Boost the grey cells of your cuddly baby to see him/ her emerge as a little Einstein. You should pay special attention to their physical development too. But how? Here is the answer.

Their understanding needs to develop from an early age. Starting early helps in the development of motor skills. Toys play an essential role in overall growth, may it be physical or mental advancement.

Although the choice of toys for appropriate ages of babies or toddlers is quite overwhelming, a good selection of toys marks the success at enhancing and improving their learning process.

Here is a list of baby and toddler toys one can select to gift their child the goodness of physical and mental sturdiness.


Toys for 0 to 3 months baby

  • Rattlers- Pick the ones with a soothing sound, ones that are lightweight and can be grasped by the baby easily. Ensure the material and paint on those are non-toxic. Rattlers help in strengthening the muscles of the fingers and developing hand and eye coordination. These also improve the brain cells as babies try to identify the direction from where the sound of the rattle originates.
  • Crib hanging toys – These toys usually come with inbuilt music. This attracts their attention and provides strength to their eyes as they move their eyes with the rotation of the toys. Perfect for above cot beds.


Toys for 3 to 6-month baby

  • Activity toys or cubes- Opting for ones with some music makes the activity even more engaging. These toys are educational yet entertaining. While enjoying performing the exercises, babies unknowingly develop their motor skills and sensory skills, including critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They also improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Play gyms- As the name suggests, it's a gym while at play. These strengthen the muscles of babies while they pull the dangling toys. Play gyms strengthen babies lower bodies to prepare them for crawling.
  • Ball pools- This is one of the most fantastic products for both babies and parents. A plastic pool with soft edges full of colourful balls instead of water is fascinating for kids and relaxing for parents, as kids spend ample time inside. A ball pool is also excellent from a safety perspective since its high boundaries prevent kids from plunging out of the pool. This way, parents stay tension free as kids stay in one place. Babies learn to stay in one area instead of roaming throughout the house unescorted.


Toys for 6 to 9 months baby

  • Stackable – Improves baby's fine motor skills and teaches them cause and effect. As these can be stacked in several ways, kids learn the existence of probabilities to solve a problem in different ways.
  • Moving toys – At this age, a baby's body becomes stronger, and fitter as they advance with their eye-hand coordination. Moving toys force them to move their own body to catch the toys. This strengthens their muscles to prepare them to walk.
  • Blocks- Blocks with objects printed on them promote play and learn activities. Babies tend to develop balancing skills and creativity too. Also, they obtain better control of their hands and fingers.


Toys for 9 to 12 months baby

  • Walkers – Now is the time to learn how to walk, and have an insight into the direction. Through a walker, they obtain a balance between their legs and upper abdomen. Simultaneously, they continue to understand cause and effect, i.e. if I do this, then this happens.
  • Learning toys – As the crawlers now explore more and more things, their minds also need to be developed. Toys with alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, etc. work wonderfully to develop an interest in learning new things.
  • Teethers – As the babies body prepares to let the teeth erupt, some soothing effect needs to be given. Teethers serve the purpose here. Teethers of different shapes, when offered at different periods, not only relax the teething pain but also feeds the object name and structure in the back of the mind. This exercise later lets them learn quickly as they unknowingly recollect shapes, sizes, tastes, and colours from their memories.


Toys for 12+ months baby

  • Indoor swings- let the child enjoy back and fro movement. Opt for the ones with a washable, changeable seat. This actually soothes their mood.
  • Tent house- At this stage, the child should be given some personal space to make him/her independent. They learn to take care of their belongings and organise them too.


Always make sure to select toys with soft edges and non-toxic material.