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In the daily routine, babies go through a lot of diapers and experienced parents will always tell you to have a dedicated space for changing the diapers, which, in turn, makes life much more comfortable. Baby changing mats helps parents keep the baby warm, safe, and secured throughout the diaper changing process.

Baby changing mats have solved the problem of finding the right place to change the nappy of the little one. However, many parents are unsure while choosing the right baby changing mat for their baby care. Here are some features that the best baby changing mats must include.

Which baby changing mat is the best?

It is essential for parents to go with a simple foam-filled mat if they want something portable that they can carry along with them. Most baby changing mats should be easily transportable on the bed or in a garden.  The mat available in our store works well within the confines of the baby's nursery needs. Secondly, the changing mat is waterproof, which makes it easy to get cleaned. The colour of the mat available is neutral for both baby boys and girls. The changing mat is wipe-clean for natural care, which gives the baby a comfy padded surface to lie when being changed.


Different shapes available for changing mats:

Diaper changing mats are available in unique styles and shapes as per preference. Some popular forms are flat or ones with raised sides. The flat ones are simple, like a sheet to let your baby rest for a while on a comfortable surface. It is soft, easy to clean, and comfortable with no necessary additional cover.

The one with raised edges provides reassurance that your baby will not roll off. It helps to keep your baby fresh, clean and hygienic at all times. It is safe, secure and straightforward. A raised edge mat may be used for newborns through the toddler stages. Many side-raised changing mats have a removable hook and loop straps to fit the baby securely.


What should a parent look for?

To avoid having the wrong mat, a parent should always take care of the following points:

  •      Portability: Baby changing mats should fit comfortably within baby changing bags. They should open up in the form of a large yoga mat wherever you go.
  •      Straps: Most stores have baby changing mats with straps. These straps are to make sure that the baby does not slide or roll over while in use. It is the perfect way to secure the changing pad.
  •      Non-skid bottoms: While changing, babies wiggle a lot, and it could be even dangerous sometimes if you keep the mat high on a table. Consider purchasing one with a non-skid base, especially with those that don't have straps.
  •      Belts: Parents need safety belts along with the mat. It is best if the baby kicks a lot. These safety belts give your mind much peace while securing your enthusiastic child.
  •      Waterproof material: Sometimes, babies pee on the mat while changing.
  •      Waterproof material helps keep the mat from getting damp and dirty. Cleaning waterproof material is easy and can be done quickly. Alternatively, the mat may have machine-washable covers that can soak up the pee.


Great Prices offered for the baby changing mats

Flat changing mats have an average price range between 6 to 20 pounds. Other high-quality flat mats are available in exceeding price points. Some mats are available with travel bags for ease of movement.

Side-raised baby mats are available in the price range of more than 10 pounds in general. These mats have different styles and shapes, and the price range varies according to the forms and material used. In general, each mat is available with high-quality foam and rubber material.

There are several sizes available for baby changing mats

The dimensions of the mat differ by its shape. Some of them are available to cope with each stage of the toddler, while others are meant for newborns. The side raised mats are available with the neutral size of generally 69 x 45 x 10 cm. It is perfect for newborns. These mats are even available in large dimensions of 86 x 46 cm.


How to wash the changing mats?

Most stores have foam and rubber material mats readily available. It is not that tough to wash off the mat. Take a wet piece of cloth and run it over the surface of the nappy changing sheet. Being waterproof, the layer will remain dry all the time. Parents can reuse it for changing baby mats.