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Is the due date just a month away? Do you need to buy a snuggly gift for a friend's baby shower? A soft, plush baby blanket can be considered for this. But the question arises what to look for before buying one? Let us help you with this dilemma.


  1.   Material – It needs to be soft, stain proof, durable and should suit the season. Some options to choose from are
  • Fleece – The highly popular fabric imparts a luxurious touch as smooth as the skin of your baby. Fleece is featured with high durability as it remains intact even after several washes.
  •   Chenille – To bless the baby with an ultra-soft and cuddly touch, chenille blankets work fabulously. These trap the air and keep the baby's body warm.
  • Cotton –  Cotton is the all-time favourite material for baby blankets owing to its negligible weight. It lets the skin breathe and works well in summers. Cotton blankets are usually the first choice as these can be washed over and over again without diminishing quality. Make sure the cotton is soft enough such that it does not discomfort the baby.
  • Wool – Keep the baby warm with a blanket spun out of wool. Make sure it is all-organic wool, not the synthetic type. These keep the baby warm without irritating the tender skin. Wool blankets can be used daily.
  •   Cashmere- If you are looking for something even warmer, royal, and sophisticated, then cashmere can fulfil this need of yours. Cashmere is the warmest fabric and imparts richness when carried to any social gathering.


  1. Size- Surely, you won't buy a blanket of a six years old child for a 1-year old baby. Let's see the sizes that are apt for different ages.
  • Newborn to 2 years- A size of 30x35 inches covers the baby fully.
  • 3 to 6 years – A 50x40 inches blanket would work well.
  • Six years and above – A standard single bed blanket is a necessity


Every baby grows differently, and sizes may vary depending on the growth of the baby. Sizes may differ owing to the purpose associated with its usage.


  1.   Type – Different purposes are met with different kinds of blankets. Below are the examples. Choose a baby blanket wisely considering the purpose of use.
  • Swaddle Blanket – A thin blanket made out of cotton linen works well to swaddle the baby. As it is a bit stretchable, the baby doesn't feel trapped, and is eventually calmed down. Swaddle blankets need to be big and long to wrap the baby adequately. The standard size varies from 40 to 48 inches square but might differ depending on the growth of the baby.
  •   Receiving Blanket – A thin blanket made out of cotton or blended hosiery serves the purpose. The standard sizes range from 18 inches square to a larger 36 inches. These are used daily, so you should opt for a pack of two or four.
  • Crib Blankets – These have to be large rectangular ones to cover babies entirely to keep them warm throughout their sleep. Sizes starting from 40x60 inches are the best. Make sure the crib blanket is free from any beads, buttons, holes, loose threads, and decorations as these might pose a risk to the baby.
  •   Multi-use Blankets – A multi-use blanket is a must-buy for all parents to reduce luggage when on vacation. These need to be thick and durable. A single sheet can be used for strollers, a baby car seat, activity and sleep. These start from 30 to 40 sq.inches. They might vary depending on the size and age of the baby.


  1.   Weather conditions – You would be able to buy the best blanket for your baby only if you select the perfect material for the season. You cannot purchase thin cotton for the winter, neither can you buy wool for the summer. Some tips are as follows:
  •   Summers- Cotton, linen and hosiery are the best picks for summer. A lightly quilted blanket would work towards covering the baby in AC premises.
  •   Winters- Fleece, wool, chenille and cashmere.
  • Pre winters- Fleece protects the baby from the cold wind.


Taking care

Once a blanket is purchased, you need to take good care of it to make it last long.

To take care of the blanket

  • Wash it in cold water
  • Dry at a low-temperature setting.
  • Hand wash preferred
  • make sure it doesn't get caught in the cot bed
  • Also make sure any baby toys don't ruin it

You can get the baby blanket personalised with your baby's name. This will surely make them love their quilt until they grow up.