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A baby bale set is a baby bedding set that includes a cot duvet cover, a pillowcase, a changing mat, scatter cushions, and cot bumpers. 


Cot Duvet Cover

  • The size of cot bed duvet cover should be around 120cm to 150m
  • The first duvet for your baby should be very light; it should range between 3-4.5 tog (Thermal Overall Grade). As the child starts growing the range can increase unto 7.5-9 tog (Thermal Overall Grade). This is because the duvet traps a lot of air, and since your baby's body is tiny, their body might overheat. 



  • Cotton: Cotton is breathable; it is durable and natural. It is also hypoallergenic, which minimizes the risk of allergy. 
  • Organic sheets are a good option for parents who are looking for safe hypoallergenic and higher-quality sheets
  • These sheets are made of natural material like bamboo, and they minimize the risk of allergy.
  • The sheets are made up of different fibres like bamboo fibres instead of cotton. 
  • Try to avoid polyester, even though it's a very tempting fabric; it doesn't breathe well.
  • Look for different colours while buying bale sets for your babies as colourful environment makes the baby happy. 
  • Please keep your babies allergies in mind before buying anything. 



Pillows for Your Baby

  • Buy special pillows for your babies since the regular pillows support adult heads and necks. It's but obvious that there is a massive difference between a child and an adult when it comes to proportions. A regular will strain your babies' neck and shoulder. This might lead to causing discomfort and sleepless night and posture problem. 
  • Toddler pillows are made according to the proportions of a baby, and the baby will sleep comfortably, and the pillow will provide appropriate support.
  • Don't buy soft pillows for your babies as they are unsafe and possess the risk of suffocation. Instead, look for firm pillows.
  • Look for pillows whose outer covering is made up of cotton. And look for organic cotton pillows since they don't have harmful toxins bleaches and dyes. 
  • Cotton, Cotton polyester blend, Synthetic fibre, and Thread count: look for pillows which have these qualities in them. The pillow fill material should consist of Down Feathers Synthetic fill foam or memory foam.
  • Look for hypoallergenic pillows if your baby is sensitive and allergic to dust and dust mites. 


Washing Instruction for Duvet and Pillows

  • Wash the duvet and the cushions in your washing machine on full cycle.
  • If your pillow comes with a cover, remove the cover and wash it. Avoid using oxy or bleach as these chemicals can cause discolouring. Similar to baby blankets and quilts and coverlets.


Baby Crib Bumpers

  • Baby crib bumpers protect your baby from the weather, and they don't suffocate the baby. The babies tend to sleep peacefully, thanks to the baby crib bumpers.
  • Moreover, bumpers drive out the risk of the baby's arms and legs getting entangled in the crib slats.
  • These should be made out of breathable fabric that is also hypoallergenic. 
  • The bumpers should have buckles or straps, which help in attaching them to the walls of the crib.
  • The material should be soft, breathable, non-static, and home washable. 
  • Select a bumper which can be fitted in any crib. Some types are round, oval, square, or rectangle. 
  • The filling should be thick and flexible to ensure protection for baby's head, arms and legs against the crib rail and slats.
  • Several kinds of baby slats are available - single piece, two or more pieces bumper set, etc.


Baby Scatters

  • These are cute accessories for your baby's crib. They are soft to touch, and babies love to cuddle them. They are handy when it comes to decorating your babies cot.
  • Before buying baby scatters for bales, please ensure that these are made of soft organic fabrics. 
  • Baby scatters should not have any toxic coating on them.
  • There shouldn't be any buttons, beads, or any minute detailing on them. All these accessories should be avoided since they can be hazardous to the wellbeing of your child. Most babies like to shove things into their mouths. If they get hold of buttons or sequins, the babies could choke on them. 
  • Please ensure that the scatters and bumpers are made from non-bleed colours. 
  • If there is a sound system installed in the baby scatters, it shouldn't be loud. Instead, the sound should be pleasant and in the background. 
  • The seams should be tight, as the filling might come out due to imperfect seams, which, when swallowed by the baby, might harm them immensely. 

So enjoy a colourful and comfortable nursery for your baby.